Monday, November 29, 2010

The fascination of the miniature

I have learned to window shop instead of actually laying out money, like many people do. Its so tempting this time of year to buy too much because of all of the stores advertising 'deals'. I was reading one of my favorite blogs M.M.E's newest posts about how to save money during this holiday season. Window shopping on etsy is one of my favorite ways to virtually shop and not spend any money. I've got a couple other ways that I like to save money and also support local artists.
1) Shop at local craft fairs. You will find quality and handmade goods that will last longer than mass produced items from the mall.
2) Have a clothes swap party with friends or a material swap with other artists. Items from someone else's closet always looks more interesting...
3) Use newspapers and old fashion magazines to make paper chains to decorate a tree or mantle or the rooms in your apartment.
Here are the artisans whose work is pictured: Asian Tea cup and tea pot rings set by charlieccbb, Fiesta ware miniature tea set by paulaspatchwork, mini fruit by minihandmade bathroom set 2 pieces-Patchwork Collection by yevgenia, wood fired creamer and sugar pot by ippuku


magdamagda said...

where do i start? I also find miniatures fantastic:) it's hard not to like them...I agree someone's else's closet always looks more interesting:))my sister's was irresistable till I got her to give me plenty of her clothes... then they became "just mine", and she always had other clothing looking too good:))I also recycle newspapers by making patterns out of them... with decorations I don't save just money but also energy: last christmas'stars are still hanging by the ceiling:D

Krystal said...

oh my gosh! those little rings are so cute. thanks for all the suggestions also!