Monday, July 26, 2010

A celebration of summer...fairies!

I love fairies and I used to fervently believe in them...and honestly I still believe. Summer has only a little while to go and with it some magic. I love the other seasons but summer has a changeable flimsy sort of quality to it that I attribute to fairies of a certain kind. Here are some wonderful fairy dolls and drawings from etsy artists.
Fairy Wings Golden Plum by chloe
Daleina the Forest Fairy by ZephrDreams
Faerie doors by NothinButWood
Hold on a little more by rupydetequila
Julie Contemporary Folk Art Butterfly by cartbeforthehorse
Leaf green dragon by thefiligree
Baby Faerie by sbellestri
Whimsical Gothic by PaperWhimsy
PunchOutLinearA by Cody Pendant

Friday, July 23, 2010

Layers of dumpster trash and pictures I found

Here is another collection of photos I found of people in dumps, art inspired by dumps, a general slide show of inspiration. I am stewing in images in the hopes that I will come up with some art based on it. A friend invited me to collaborate with her on a show about a dump near where she lives.We collected all kinds of things from this dump--old oil cans,squashed and battered tea kettles, unidentifiable wire bits linked together. I found some parts of old porcelain sinks too. I think these bits look like old bodies really and that we as people are as much a part of the landscape that we create. I will make some sketches and scan them at some point.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

amazing and cool textures I found today!

I've always loved textures of sand and metal and things that I can't identify immediately. Part of being a person and an artist has been looking at the world from a different point of view and sometimes forcing yourself to change your perspective. I was actually looking for paintings online and then I found these awesome photos from many places. Some of these are from an electron microscope. I started to see worlds in these photos...