Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay Beautifully Chaotic, you tagged me so I'll respond;
1. I now live in the coolest apartment I've every had because it has wooden molding, wooden floors, and LOTS of storage which is because it used to be a fancy apt back in the day. It has a lovely big living room where me and my boyfriend work side by side. I make things and he programs on his computer.
2. I have LOTS of plastic dolls, wooden mannequins, leaf skeletons and other stuff that I find on the road that inspires me.
3. I get obsessive about crochetting, drinking tea, movie watching, making origami cranes, and hopefully sculpture.
4. I love to watch movies but since once I start watching movies I have a hard time stopping.
5. I like to talk to interesting strangers...that has gotten me into trouble.
6. Dolls whose faces are ugly such as cabbage patch kids and some antique dolls, really disturb me.
7. I love cats and most animals
8. I am half English

enjoying making old-looking buttons

I've just finished making about six sculpey buttons. They were pretty fun to make and it was a bonus to feature my gi joe figurine by pressing him into the faces of the buttons. I didn't expect that they would look like artifacts of some ancient civilization. I do have pendants in my etsy site that are similar except that I also used another, smaller guy figure in these buttons. These photos will give you an idea of what I just finished, because I don't have a photo of the buttons yet. The other fun part of making the pendants, buttons and the small plaques are the acrylic paint finish I experimented with.
First, I painted the piece white then waited for it to dry. Then I painted the main color, waited for it to dry then brushed over with another color and while it was pretty wet, wiped off parts of the piece. Sometimes I used a little bit of black paint in the most detailed areas to make them stand out more. Its fun to try and I'm thinking of making bigger pieces with more figurines imprinted.
Maybe someone who follows this blog will try it out and let me know how it went.
I'm also still crocheting handbags and knotting handles and lining some of them with vintage fabric and hoping to finish them in time for Valentines' day. I'll probably have some deal involving buying a bag and a pendant, we'll see.
I'm having fun following etsians blogs and seeing the breadth of their talent and skills with art and promotion. I still don't understand how to add links to other artists' pages and adding advertisement. All in good time I suppose...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

some more new pics of my cool new box and sculpey jewelry

The first blog I shot out didn't have enough detail so here is a better look at the new work....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

most recents boxes and jewelry for Valentines' Day

Here are my newest collage boxes and sculpey jewelry...