Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay Beautifully Chaotic, you tagged me so I'll respond;
1. I now live in the coolest apartment I've every had because it has wooden molding, wooden floors, and LOTS of storage which is because it used to be a fancy apt back in the day. It has a lovely big living room where me and my boyfriend work side by side. I make things and he programs on his computer.
2. I have LOTS of plastic dolls, wooden mannequins, leaf skeletons and other stuff that I find on the road that inspires me.
3. I get obsessive about crochetting, drinking tea, movie watching, making origami cranes, and hopefully sculpture.
4. I love to watch movies but since once I start watching movies I have a hard time stopping.
5. I like to talk to interesting strangers...that has gotten me into trouble.
6. Dolls whose faces are ugly such as cabbage patch kids and some antique dolls, really disturb me.
7. I love cats and most animals
8. I am half English


Gabriel Girl said...

Wooden floors, movies and tea...I want to come hang out with you!

Lrc said...

Thanks Gabriel! it would be fun!