Saturday, October 24, 2009

The magic of dogzillalives

Here is the interview with dogzillalives...i've chatted with her and seen her shop on etsy grow and been amazed at the new pieces she's added. I learned through this interview that she is self-taught! Be sure to check out her shop and see her fabulous bracelets and necklaces.

1) How long have you been selling on etsy?

Since late April of this year.

2) Do you have advice for etsy newbies?

Don't give up! Keep creating, keep listing, and keep promoting!!

3) What are your fave etsy shops and why?

That is a hard question!! There are so many talented people on etsy, its hard to choose! I found this one the other day, they make these lampwork beads and the colors are just WOW.

4) What are your fave pieces in your shop and why?

The octopus arms have to be my favorite right now. I've never seen anything like them, I amaze myself sometimes. hahaha

5) What plans do you have for your shop?

Well, I'm trying to start making simpler, more inexpensive pieces, but its been hard for me to grasp the whole "simple" concept. O_o

6) How long have you been creating art?
For as long as I can remember. I am self taught, there is always something new to learn. Art is an amazing never ending process.

7) Who are your art heroes?
Hmmm, I wouldn't say heroes, but some of my all time faves are H.R. Giger, Salvador Dali, and Alphonse Mucha.

8) Where do your ideas come from?
My head, haha. I don't think I could ever get all the ideas out even if I lived to be 100. Nature, plants, fungi, sealife. The possibilities are endless.

9) What do you do when you have a creative block?

Go outside, or read a good non-fiction book, and of course hang out with my 2 year old.

10) What other interests do you have that feed into your art?

I love going to thrift stores and looking for junk that i can use in my next masterpiece. ;^D
Here is her lovely shop

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The many colors of Ravencolours!

I have known ravencolours in chat for as long as I've been selling on etsy so I'm delighted to show you her work. Her photos have many moods from the happy to the mysterious.
1. How long have you been selling on etsy?

I have been selling on etsy for about 10 months, I started my shop in January.

2. Do you have advice for etsy newbies?

Be patient and promote. Don't expect your first sale right away, it takes awhile for people to discover your shop, so don't give up hope! Promote, promote, promote. Go to the chat rooms, create a facebook page, anything to help word of your shop to spread around. And participate in shop critiques the advice you get from those is invaluable. Also, stay true to yourself. If you try to change your style to something you think may sell better then your not selling your work anymore. You're deceiving your customers and yourself.

3. What are your fave etsy shops and why?

This is a very hard question, haha. I have way to many to list. i'll just narrow it to say all the amazingly talented photography shops on Etsy. It's all so inspiring and there is so much talent. Also, graphic tee shops. I'm a sucker for any quirky unique design that I know no one else will have.

4.What are your fave pieces in your shop and why?

I have to say I love Color Me Multi and Morning Coffee. One, because people really seem to like them and two, because I love the colors and I think they really say a lot about the direction I'm trying to go in as a photographer.

5. What plans do you have for your shop?

To sell photos! I just hope to get bigger and start selling more. I'm in college right now and it's just great to have something like this on the side to help me decompress and take the stress off. It'd be great to have it as a way to support myself reasonably well, but that's just me dreaming big. Right now, I just want to get my name out there and have people learn something about how I see the world.

6.How long have you been creating art?

I have been dong photography for about four years, I started as a junior in high school. I learned in the darkroom with the chemicals and the film, it was very retro and I loved it. I now do pretty much digital but my heart and inspiration will always be with film.

7.Who are your art heroes?

Claude Monet is definitely one of my major art heroes. I grew up working in the garden with my mother and watching a movie called Linnea in Monet's Garden at my Nana's house so you can see where that originated. Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting. I love all the history behind that piece. Photographic heroes I'd have to say SebastiĆ£o Salgado, Richard Avedon, Harry Benson, Dorothea Lange and James Nachtway just to name a few.

8.Where do your ideas come from?

Everyday life, a great song, me daydreaming during class. I guess my ideas come from just me trying to put my spin on everyday objects and giving my thoughts and emotions an outlet.

9.What do you do when you have a creative block?

I'm majoring in photography right now in school so whether or not I have a creative block I have to go shoot. I just try to power through it and see the beauty in whatever it is that I happen to be shooting. Always have your eyes open and try to be seeing pictures, no matter what your doing.

10.What other interests do you have that feed into your art?

Photoshop definitely, though I'm not sure if you can call that a hobby or not. I love just getting on it and experimenting and trying out new filters or combinations just to see if it works or not. Music in general is a huge inspiration to me, it's even in my materials list in my shop! I've been involved in some type of musical activity since kindergarten so whether I'm listening to it or participating it's a huge influence on my work.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show some love for ArtfulGoodies...a great etsy shop!

I've chatted with ArtfulGoodies on etsychat and seen her shop grow in is her interview so you can get to know here too.

1. How long have you been selling on etsy?

I opened my unique jewelry shop this year in February

2. Do you have advice for etsy newbies?

My advice for an etsy newbie would be promote all you can, list regularly, have something unique about your ahop and stay positive.

3. What are your favorite etsy shops and why?

hmmmmm..... There are so many! I love everything from soaps, crochet, pottery, jewelry, kid items and so much more.

My chat friends I love because they know how to make my day better when I need a lift and they have a variety of wonderful shops.

4. What are your favorite pieces in your shop and why?

At the moment
My cute and adorable BEE BLUE earrings. I love the style and they are super comfortable to wear.
The beautiful RED POPPY pendant beacuse I adore poppies! So much so that I have them tattooed on my back.
FALL LEAVES is just perfect for this time of year. I love the colors and the picasso beads.

5. What plans do you have for your shop?

To keep things fresh and be open to change. I would love to become a great seller in this large world of handmade.

6. How long have you been creating art?

I have crafted since childhood and tinkered all my life. Jewelry has been a passion of mine before but in the last year my love for jewelry expanded into my unique etsy shop.

7.Who are your art hereos?

Oh soooo many! I find hereos in every area of art. I love murals and there are alot of great muralist that I look up to. I also enjoy fine art and local artist in my area. One of my favorite artist is my 7 yr old daughter. It is such a joy to watch your child create something spectacular at such a young age. She will be so much better than I ever thought of being.

8. Where do your ideas come from?

Inspiration comes from things I love like nature, birds, buttflies, scrolls and all things pretty. My darker side loves skulls, crows, and tattoo related items. I throw everything I love into my pieces so that they are as unique as I am.

9. What do you do when you have creative block?

Well...I GO SHOPPING! lol Being creative all the time is hard. It helps that there are so many cool and unique products out there now. So when I get in one of those slumps my best cure is to go shop the craft store and get inspired.

10. What other intersts do you have that feed into your art?

I own and operate my own business WALLEXPRESSIONS. As a decorative finsher/muralist for 12 yrs now I have my hands dirty often. My painting relates to my jewelry in many ways like being creative with color, texture, and materials for pleasing finishes.

More pics of porcelain heads!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finally took pics of porcelain person in progress...

One of the pictures I took the other day while working on my porcelain woman sculpture/puppet.I've been going to my mom's clay studio to work on her for the past month or so,which is pretty disciplined for me, and she has no cracks or anything! I just went to work on her more this Sunday which meant hollowing out her insides so she isn't heavy and doesn't explode. Solid clay figures will explode because tiny air bubbles in the clay expand in the heat of the kiln oven. I will post more photos as I recieve them.