Monday, June 21, 2010

painting in black....

Here are some in progress pics of what I've been making in my mom's clay studio. Some of them are made with regular groleg clay and the couple with their hearts cut out is made from paper clay. I really liked the idea of drawing into the clay and also painting on it. I was inspired by the awesome modern dance photos that I posted several weeks made me want to draw couples instead of single people.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

being an artist in a bad economy part 2--LucidOpticLab

I'm happy to present another survey filled out by none other than the friendly and talented etsyian LucidOpticLab. I've read her blog posts and I think you will find her a good example of how an artists gets out into the world.

How do you promote? Has your promotion strategy changed since the economic downturn and how?

Honestly I feel the economic downturn is nothing new and started before I was an adult so frugality is nothing new for me. I find I promote by sharing and connecting with my community and the world wide web community through pursuits that I personally find uplifting and inspiring that do take up a lot of time and energy but weight less on the wallet- such as:

- Getting involved in my local art community-Making friends with local gallery owners- working together to make the gallery and the shown artists known through grass roots community efforts and fundraising. Entering my artwork into any free art gallery group shows I am invited to ( this tends to really widen my circle by introducing my artwork to new networks of people while simultaneously finding new inspiration and connections through the art and artists I am showing with)

- Art fairs/art walks- in Portland I find there are a lot of monthly free art fairs and art walks to attend. Setting up a booth on the street and hanging out and talking to all that happen by is a great way to meet more people in the community- gage what people best respond to and have the chance to physically put a business card into someone’s hand. For me meeting and talking to people on the streets at these events mean much more to me then selling a bunch of my art that is on display at the event. It’s the ability to get out there and meet and greet that seems to have the most impact on my scope in my local area.

- I love to share photos, thus is perhaps my #1 promotion tool on the web. It seems the more I share and interact with people this way the larger my web footprint is made, especially since flickr images ( when tagged correctly) show up very often in google searches and what not… making my art accessible to anyone in the world. You can join groups which you can post your images in- thus reaching various audiences bond together through common interests and goals. I also am able to use flickr as an image hosting site that allows me to directly upload said photos onto my blog.

- Blogging is another major promotional tool. People seem to be really interested in being able to access “insider” info on artist and their creative journeys. I make it a point to post every Monday and Friday- sharing my photos and art along with my creative works in progress, inspirations, goals and current events. The blogosphere seems to be ever growing and turning into an interlocking technology based model of the collective consciousness idea. It’s a great tool to utilize for promotion and inspiration if one can find the time to get it going and stay consistent with postings and content.

How are you adapting to the downturn? Ex: cheaper supplies, reusing supplies, etc?

- I have always been low income level and thus have been impassioned to create with whatever supplies are around me. I have believed that it is not the quality of the art material that makes a piece but the passion and intent of the artists that adds value. Thus I use what is typically referred to in the art material world “ student grade” products vs “ artist grade” products. I find this also allows me to sell my art work for less which in turn provides accessibility of art to all walks of life. I think affordable art is key in making sure art and artistic expression is kept from becoming a pleasure reserved for the “elite” or “well to do” of the world.

Does your art help you to cope/communicate with the world about the downturn?
Do you think that art makes a difference in the world?

-I would like to think that my art and the art around me allows for the human soul to rise above the material platform and contemplate and feel that which is beyond the unfavorable man made oppressions that are present. Its important to be able to shed the ego and trappings that modern day society taints our minds, bodies and life patterns with. art should be an aid in escape from this- allowing for elevation beyond into higher energy, emotion, healing, growth and communion.
The artwork above: new painting, Aparition of Truth, and Venomous

Monday, June 7, 2010

Being an artist in a bad economy, part 1

Aberrant Ann, the Audacious Anomaly, Brave Daughter of Euripides, Erechtheus, Feathered King all by cobaltmoonchild
This is a subject that I've been thinking about for a long time; make that three years. I am often surprised at how creative artists are at adapting to hard times ( although artists are creative so that crosses over to other areas) and I asked several artists I admire to answer my questions. This was the first artist to reply etsian cobaltmoonchild--an artist who intrigues me and hopefully you too! Also I hope that these answers will help you being an artist in these times.

How do you promote? Has your promotion strategy changed since the economic downturn and how?

I have joined several communities strictly for promoting etsy stores. I also cross-link my sites with my various online galleries to improve traffic back to my etsy shop. I would say my promotion strategy has relatively stayed the same, as my particular shop is for artwork, and thus I can't offer much of a discount... I have tried cutting my prices down in order to recoup expenses... but that still doesn't seem to work.

How are you adapting to the downturn? Ex: cheaper supplies, reusing supplies,etc?
I have changed mediums, made different types of art using cheaper supplies (relatively). I also have started working with collage more, which is a very recycling friendly medium.

Does your art help you to cope/communicate with the world about the downturn?
I think my artwork is haunting within itself, and merely reflects what the individual viewer gathers from it.

Do you think that art makes a difference in the world?
All art makes a difference, it is the symbol of a thriving culture, and an enlightened society.