Monday, June 7, 2010

Being an artist in a bad economy, part 1

Aberrant Ann, the Audacious Anomaly, Brave Daughter of Euripides, Erechtheus, Feathered King all by cobaltmoonchild
This is a subject that I've been thinking about for a long time; make that three years. I am often surprised at how creative artists are at adapting to hard times ( although artists are creative so that crosses over to other areas) and I asked several artists I admire to answer my questions. This was the first artist to reply etsian cobaltmoonchild--an artist who intrigues me and hopefully you too! Also I hope that these answers will help you being an artist in these times.

How do you promote? Has your promotion strategy changed since the economic downturn and how?

I have joined several communities strictly for promoting etsy stores. I also cross-link my sites with my various online galleries to improve traffic back to my etsy shop. I would say my promotion strategy has relatively stayed the same, as my particular shop is for artwork, and thus I can't offer much of a discount... I have tried cutting my prices down in order to recoup expenses... but that still doesn't seem to work.

How are you adapting to the downturn? Ex: cheaper supplies, reusing supplies,etc?
I have changed mediums, made different types of art using cheaper supplies (relatively). I also have started working with collage more, which is a very recycling friendly medium.

Does your art help you to cope/communicate with the world about the downturn?
I think my artwork is haunting within itself, and merely reflects what the individual viewer gathers from it.

Do you think that art makes a difference in the world?
All art makes a difference, it is the symbol of a thriving culture, and an enlightened society.

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Rhea said...

Thanks so much for taking such an interest in my work and for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about my philosophy! I hope you don't mind, but I linked to your blog thru my facebook. Cheers! :)