Monday, December 6, 2010

Loading the kiln party!

As I type this, mine and my classmates' busts are drying in a medium sized gas kiln. Here we are loading the pieces, very carefully, into it. I mostly stayed out of the way because of my lack of experience with the process. I was impressed with how careful everyone was with every piece, making sure each one fit by measuring the pieces and the space in the kiln. The sculptures were mostly dry but not bone dry in case some part broke. If the pieces were bone dry it would have been almost impossible to fix--fortunately only one finger came off. These sculptures will dry slowly in the closed kiln for about two weeks or until bone dry. Then they will be fired slowly,to prevent air bubbles from expanding and shattering the pieces, over about 16 hours. It will be a high fire so that the pieces will be able to be put outside. I don't plan to keep my sculpture outside but the high fire will make it more durable.


Ann said...

how very exciting! I'm so happy for you -- can't wait to see the finished piece!

suzanne cabrera said...

SOOO cool! Love the photos!