Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday goodies

There is no snow on the ground but this is the most joyous holiday I've had in years. In Tacoma and in the surrounding areas, there are many talented artists and I couldn't help but buy some of their wares. The ceramic cups were all made by different artists at Seward Park Clay Studio where I took the life size bust class. The glass molded cup was made by local glass artist Oliver Doriss. Our apartment is watched over by this wire man year around. I hope all of you have wonderful holidays!


magdamagda said...

wire man is awesome! stopping by to tell you in this order: I am so glad you liked my shawl, sorry to hear you've been sick, I updated the shawl post with instructions, it's really easy and quick to make!;)

Krystal said...

I"m so glad you got to purchase some art! I'm jealous :)

Anonymous said...

I sure like that wire man. did you make it??

Hello from Seattle!