Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More progress on my life size bust sculpture!

I can almost say that my piece is finished and ready to fire. Here are pictures of the hands and torso at first cut up and in the process of being hollowed out and then fully formed and re attached.
I used 6 bags of clay to make this piece and then peeled away most of it. If I hadn't hollowed it out, it would have weighed about 100 lbs. Also, there were hundreds of air pockets that would have expanded and blasted the piece to pieces!
It was an almost meditative process to take away the clay and to scrape the inside of the body. The torso started to remind me of a building made of stucco. I included a picture of the inside of the body just to give a feeling of what it was like.
In the pictures you can also see some of the other interpretations of the bust. I truly enjoyed working side by side with these other students and the atmosphere was fantastic, positive, and curious. Most everyone was older than me and had lived varied lives, from working as a butler to whispering to animals. For anyone interested in the figure this is an amazing experience.


magdamagda said...

amazing work Lia! waiting for the final result..;)

Krystal said...

wow those are very cool. I cant' even imagine the work it would take to make one.

ArtPropelled said...

Extraordinary work! I can't imagine working on this scale.

Lrc said...

Thanks guys! It's quite a process but its been a cool experience.

edgar cabrera said...

your work is truly amazing!!! if you ever have any sketches you ever want to get rid off, please send them my way! :) I have a tiny collection of busts sketches i love!