Monday, October 25, 2010

Browsing through jewelry from etsy...

I'm still slacking on posting pics from my life sculpting class and all I can say in my defense is being blissed out by others' work. I'm enjoying my own art process but I find that I like to look outward sometimes too. Ideas are bubbling up for my Halloween costume too...I want to be a dragon woman this year.
Here is some truly wonderful jewelry made by etsy artisans....I hope they inspire you too.
The artists are: Anatomical heart pendant by billyblue22, Anatomical Series Art Print by jodypham, Bangle bracelets sterling twig set of 3 by stratussilver, Blue Flash Labradorite Gemstone necklace by TheJewelryChateau, and Foks Brooch by celapiu

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Krystal said...

v. cool selections..