Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween beauties from etsy

I am planning to do a whole post on my awesometastic sculpture class but here are some of my favorite Halloween type items from etsy.
And the artists are:
Druzy sphere by GlimmeringGems
Full Moon Rising by ImagineStudio
Lacy heart red leather mask by TomBanwell
Square bone ring by ardent1


Bethany Dirksen said...

Wow, those masks are stunning. It's an amazing artform, don't you think? What fun it would be to have a job as a costume designer. I don't have the skill, but the creative process would be a thrill.

Krystal said...

nice! halloween is so fun and so are these pieces, i look forward to seeing more =)

Lrc said...

yeah, there are some amazing artisans on etsy...i'm sure that I'll have to do another post on more items!