Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rodin and Camille Claudel

Here is some of the work of two amazing sculptors who actually cross-inspired each other. Rodin is more well-known but Camille Claudel is his equal and was rediscovered later on. There was a movie made of their romance and art making which is called " Camille Claudel" I think...definately worth seeing. It is sad that she spent most of her life in a mental institution because she was rejected by Rodin. It makes me feel lucky to live now when at least women have more legal rights but it is an effort for many women who are artists to find their voices even now.

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MissKArt said...

I luv the 5th sculpture in your photos by Rodin. The story behind it is cool I think. The sculpture has so much depth and emotion. It's so moving. And it is ashame how hard it was for women to express their artistic sides back then. I definately think its changed for the better.