Sunday, June 21, 2009

Its the awesometastic interview with MarmaladeNina!!

1. How long have you been selling on etsy?
April 11 2009, so I am fairly new to ETSY..and I am hooked all ready. I was recomended by a friend to take a look,I decided all though I had not heard much about it here in England Id take a chance by trying my hand to becoming a seller.

2. Do you have advice for etsy newbies?
Well Im a Newbie myself but I guess that nothing ventured nothing gained! Keep adding new stuff when you can to keep your listings busy and use the showcase and look at hints from the other sellers on how to become a respected Etsy shop.

3. What are 3 fave etsy stores and why?
Fave stores where can I start? There is so much fantastic talent but in my short time there is a few of many that has caught my attention and I feel drawn to taking pleasure at their brilliant creations.
Well I smile at the humour and fun that comes from this fantastic artist, I feel that her work oozes personality and I like that. I guess that her ideas are straight from the heart.. I can visualise her creating them which I think is important to a buyer as to love handmade is to love the creativity that is within the object.I particularly like the awkwardness of some of the designs such as the cake stand and it is much better to see something that is not defined as a perfect and symetrical simply fantastic shes a great artist.
Beautiful artist! Fantastic use of colour.. I am drawn to the vivid pieces of art work that she paints..her female subjects are beautiful and the busy design is just wonderful..what can I say except Beautiful take a look.
This artist has been featured allready and compliments are perhaps allready flowing..but my own personal love of her work is brimming with admiration. Allthough I am not a collector of dolls, if I were to be.. these are the ones that I would love to own.The Victorian look of the dolls and the gothic pale skin and the large sad eyes are just the kind of design that draws one in. I have seen other dolls on here but allthough there are some fantastic artists creating them.. for me Black eyed Suzie's are the cream on my tea!

4.What are your fave pieces in your shop and why? My fave that is there at the moment without a doubt has to be my Turquoise blue and greens..large mermaid bowl listing-23546922. Why? well I just love it and was very reluctant to sell is here at home on my big table awaiting a home and I suppose I shan't be too sad if it remains. I just love the glazes and the pictures do not do the colours justice..the bowl is stunning and is a fantastic centre piece.
My second fave is the large green blue wavy edged mermaid bowl listing-23546922. Why? Because it is vivid and yet again the pics do not do it true justice. The bowl is like a functional painting in my eyes and the textures are plentiful.
My third is a close second the large green and gold mermaid bowl..listing 23554239. This is a very interesting piece and is carved underneath as well as inside. I love to look at the busy design and all my bowls are to me a canvas to create a scene inspired by the ocean.

5. What plans do you have for your shop?
My plans are brimming!!I am new but I feel ambitious and am working on new designs at the moment and I am very excited at the moment I can display them. A lot of my work that is on ETSY at present is my older stuff and I feel that my sculpture has since been developed watch this space. I would like to say though that sometimes things are a little slow moving as I have to drive 28 miles to take my work to be hence I am prowling for my own electric kiln apart from the Raku kiln that I own.

6. How long have you been creating art?
Art to me was something I was creating from an early age in the simplest way unknowingly.
For example Mudpies in mums garden..cutting out faces with a pair of scissors and card in maths class at school..and building a wooden fort in my son reece's room when he wasn't looking.

7.Who are your art heroes?
My art heroes are Ron Murek,Gustav Klimt and anyone else that tries their hand at creativity.

8.Where do your ideas come from?
My ideas come from childhood dreams and stories..things that I see for example a vision I cannot explain it is just there in my mind and my hands draw it..I am captivated by rich colours and my imagination runs wild..

9.What do you do when you have a creative block?
If I have creative block I try to escape the things that may be causing it..I try to see the funny side of dilemmas and so I meet up with a friend and just laugh about life and its woes and then I feel good and am ready to go again. Or wash my hands have a cup of tea and a break and start again!

10.What other interests do you have that feed into your art?
Other interests that feed into my art..are perhaps just use of colour and surface decoration, I am a very decorative person..and it finds its way into everything..I also love mythology.. maybe there is an element of that..and I have an interest in bizzarre items I think that creeps through most definately...
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