Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some ideas for shadow box designs...from etsy supply shops!

working on some flat clay art work with cut outs of the heart and I was browsing through some
etsy shops which sell shadow boxes. There are about three etsy shops that I could find that had them. I definately was inspired by the variety of the sizes and shapes. They do tend to be pricey if they are made of good wood. I'd thought I'd show you what I found and perhaps they will give you ideas too...Let me know what places you like to shop for shadow boxes!
The sellers from who I found these supplies are:
frame from solid wood- CoolVintage
Matte black picture frame/shadow box- MySeriousSide
unfinished wood match box shrine with wings- TerraMaya
unfinished wood shrine box with top stylized arch- TerraMaya

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