Monday, November 16, 2009

A peek into the world of artist LivaRutmane...

I don't remember when I met Liva Rutmane but I know it was in an etsy chat room and I was instantly fascinated. Her style reminds me of some Russian cartoons and surrealist artists but she has a unique interpretation. I just know that I like visiting her world and I hope that you will too!

1) How long have you been selling on etsy?

it will be a year after month and a half

2) Do you have advice for etsy newbies?

I still feel like a newbie, still don't know what is my target market and I still feel really confused about what other people find interesting, so it's an experiment for me
but after a year I have discovered, that patience and learning constantly is very important, I have never sold my works before on internet, so there's so much to learn, forums and blogs are great place to find information.

3) What are your fave etsy shops and why?
I really don't have favorite shops, on etsy, I like a lot of stuff around here, for example - I really like because shes a great person, she have nice style, then I like because their style is very specific and colorful, because of traditional printmaking, way of photographing things is unique, and so on, I really like a lot of shops, there is so many talented people, that to choose something ir very hard...

4) What are your fave pieces in your shop and why?
I like this one I feel like I have accomplish something new, I like to draw illustrations, and somehow this is the best ;) just a weird sketch, something interesting about this - it's shiny and golden and I love how it looks on my wall, I don't want to take it off, haha

5) What plans do you have for your shop?
none, really, I know it's not right, but I feel little confused when it comes to goals for my shop, it's a great feeling when I sell something, so I guess, my goal it to have this feeling more often

6) How long have you been creating art?
for a while, since 2000, it's when I discovered art school, and how great place it is, then I started to draw, paint, and make plans for the future, and since then I know what I want to do for a rest of my life, it's a very calming thing.

7) Who are your art heroes?
and again, it's not that easy to choose some, there is so many - Yayoi Kusama, Hyungkoo Lee, Hundertvasser, Misha Gordin, Terry Richardson, so many interesting ideas!

8) Where do your ideas come from?
Just living, things around, thinking, talking to people, thinking again, sleeping is a very important part of my creative work

9) What do you do when you have a creative block?
I don't have those, I just start to do something and then it's all ok again, and usually I have something that need to be done, something for a larger project, so I can't just have creative blocks

10) What other interests do you have that feed into your art?
I love photography, but not as work, I could never be a commercial photographer, I have tried, it's not working

thank you!

For better views of her images, visit her shop


Lisa Perrin said...

i just wanted to congratulate you again and tell you your paper doll will be on her way to you soon! Also, I deleted the comment with your address once I got it down ( so it wasn't on the internet for all to see) in case you are wondering why it isn't there!

Lisa Perrin said...

oh no worries! i wrote it down before I deleted the comment :)