Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dance pictures for inspiration...

I have been asked to show my work at a gallery in a dance studio and these are some of the pictures I found just looking around on the web. I've been doodling and I needed some photos to work from.I've always been inspired by dance since I love to draw the human body and I like to dance too. I often use my own image to draw from when I have no model ( which is most of the time!) but to get unposed motion, nothing beats a photo of dance. I've tried to draw dancers as they dance but I can capture their poses! Its too hard! So these images are a start...I may have to keep looking.

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Paper Mockingbird said...

Love these phots - the second one is Mind-blowing! that costume is a work of art and its so brought to life by the dancer.

Sometime dancers make me re-assess everything I know about the human body and what it can do!!